The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

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Jeff Boyd

Uwe Schwarzwalder has German and Bulgarian roots.

He lives in Zurich and studies method acting on a

regular basis, mainly with Dianne and Lorrie Hull in

Los Angeles and with Jack Waltzer in London. Uwe

appeared in many film and tv productions in the US,

various shorts, “Too late” and starred in the newly

released feature “A Tangled Web”.


Yessica Sanchez was born in Cancun, Mexico and moved

to Switzerland with her family when she was five.

She started performing in front of an audience from

an early age and finally, found her passion for drama

in high school.She took part time classes in acting,

movement and vocals at the  Stage Academy of

Switzerland and is currently studying at the American

Academy of Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles.

Mrs. Marinina

Zarina Tadjibaeva is originally from Tadjikistan and

lives in Switzerland. She graduated from the Acting

School in Zurich and the Music Conservatory.

As an actress, she appeared in various short films and

had roles in the Zurich Opera House and in other

theatre productions. Zarina is also a solo singer and

performs mostly in traditional Persian music


Joe Mueller

Jörg Reichlin graduated from the Acting Academy

Zurich in 1973. He played over 160 roles on stage

in Germany and appeared in more than 70 films.

He is also an award-winning writer for theatre plays,

musicals and screenplays.


Julian Booth is a Welsh actor and stand-up comedian.

Since relocating to Los Angeles, Julian has most

recently starred in George Clooney's new movie,

“Suburbicon”, a recurring role on NBC Saudi Arabia's

new tv comedy, “Cut”, Smosh TV's recent comedy,

“Part Timers”, and “Saw” director Darren Bousman's

“The Tension Experience: AscensionZ”. Julian is also

honored to have been selected onto BAFTA LA's

prestigious Newcomers Program.

Gregory Marinin

Brian Pinkus was born and raised in Florida and lives

now in Switzerland. He is known for his roles in

“Criminal Taste”, “Noa" and “Flitzer”. Brian teaches

Martial Arts which he started when he was only 3 years

old. He is specialized in Karate, Kung Fu and MMA and

works also as a fight choreographer and stuntman.

Paul Schmitz

Freigeist van Tazzy started his acting career in Ireland

where he played in horror, splatter and action movies.

He moved to Switzerland in 2014 and appeared in several

feature films, “Eternal Midnight”, and shorts,

“Sommerbrand” (Jugendfilmpreis Baden-

Württemberg 2016), and “All in”.


Patricia Sluka is a Swiss actress and model with parents

from Slovakia and Hungary. At an early age already,

she worked for Swiss TV as a presenter. Patricia studied

acting in London and graduated in 2014. She starred in

the short films “The Anniversary” and “Wenn möglich

bitte wenden” which were nominated for several

awards. In 2015, Patricia was cast as Jo in the Sci-Fi

movie “South of Hope  Street” (2018). She performed

also on stage in different plays.

Frank Stark

Leonard Kocan graduated from the New York Film

Acting Conservatory Program in 2010. He appeared in

many tv and film productions, “The Wellington” and

“A Tangled Web” and starred in the New York play

“Encounters”. He also had various roles in theatre

plays, “Antigone”, shown in the “Schauspielhaus”

in Zurich.