The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Michael Klubertanz is an award-winning film

composer from Germany. It was not until six years

ago, that Michael commenced implementing his

vast knowledge and repertoire of classical music,

to film scoring. Having always been fascinated

with film, it was only natural for him to express

himself sonically in the medium. He has now

scored over 50 productions, and scored an

additional six, highly noteworthy, silent films

from the past. The everincreasing number of scores

he produces demonstrates his range of formats,

from small, animated shorts, to feature length


Paco Periago is a film composer residing in Madrid, Spain. Approaching film scoring as

a trained pianist, in his music the piano is a characteristic element, with melodic lines

in a constant progression.  His unique style has afforded him the opportunity to score numerous films early in his career.  Many of the films Paco has scored have been selected for international festivals, to include the International Film Festival in Moscow and the Hollywood International Moving Pictures Film Festival, among others. He is also represented in the recording studio, having recorded several

albums of his work.

Brendan Gillespie is a los angeles-based composer, photographer and writer. he received his degree in music composition from the california institute of the arts

in 2012, and in a very short time has composed songs and music for several films. furthering his creativity, he is also a published author of fine art photography,

poetry, and short writings.

Amanda Ply is a singer-songwriter-lyricist based in

los angeles. at age seven, she commenced her musical career with the piano. later, for over 10 years, she

studied as a classical pianist, honing her talent and

skills. through studies at the university of southern

california and beyond, Amanda has developed her craft as both a fine performer and fine songwriter, having successfully toured with two of her albums.

Special thanks to Otto Vavrin II from SMC Artists.

With Michael, Paco and Brendan, we have three outstanding composers, each with their unique style, and they blend perfectly.  Brendan also wrote, composed and performed the beautiful song "Fall".  In addition, we are honored to have Amanda's  "Waiting" on the sound track.