The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Director’s statement

"This is my first feature film. I tried to bring out the essence in each actor respectively character and to stay truthful to the moment. Important to me was also the logical aspect of the story being told while trying to always keep the tension so to speak alive. All has to make sense, be believable, as it would be the real life. And it becomes the real life, with weaknesses, vulnerabilities, inner thoughts and objectives. Another important aspect to me was to package all in a minimalistic setting. Last but not least to wrap it in musical themes which express the underlying emotions, thrives and drama."

The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd is Uwe Schwarzwalder’s first film.

He wrote the screenplay in summer 2014, filmed the core scenes in

March 2015, and the rest until February 2016. He edited the film

in cooperation with 3 composers.