The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd


A businessman, Jeff Boyd, dreams of living in Australia where his friend Morton, a crazy bakery shop owner, already has settled down. Morton keeps trying to persuade him to come over soon. Frank who always lets

Jeff stay at his place while he’s abroad advises he should invest with

Mr. Mueller from Marinin Resources Inc., a commodity trading firm.

As Jeff signs the investment contract, he is full of hope to be able to

leave the country with a pocket full of cash. After a phone call with

Mr. Mueller, he soon realizes that it’s not that easy. And during a

heavy argument with his boss, Jeff’s world collapses. That’s when he

meets Wendy, also in a delicate state. As they get to know each other,

they discover being soulmates. Their common worries about what the

world turns into comes more and more to light. They want to change

that and develop a dangerous plan!