The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd

Really loved the film. I was so totally caught up in what was happening

and at the same time I kept feeling as if it might be a dream. I'm not quite

sure how you managed to pull that off, but it was really brilliant, and haunting. It seemed like such straight forward story-telling--and was

very strong for that reason--but then there was this mysterious troubling something about it that I just couldn't quite put my finger on. It was beautifully, shot, lit and directed, my heartiest congratulations--very impressive. And your performance was incredibly strong, running the full diapason of mental states. I really, really enjoyed it.

Herb Golder, Filmmaker

Through minimal mise-en-scene and subtle editing, the film progresses to a dark psychological drama despite the clear images and the bright atmospheres. I like this contrast in your film: a very clear and simple (classical) composition of the frames but inside this clearness there is

a strange and bizarre atmosphre with bleak and cold aesthetic/style.

Christophe Karabache, Filmmaker


"The Radicalization of Jeff Boyd" - a movie about the tough choices

we make along the way. It feels like a psychological drama at times,

a combination of a thriller and a romantic comedy at others. The minimal mise-en-scene and the natural acting makes the movie an enjoyable watch that leaves you with a number of questions to ponder over at the end…

Rayna Tzvetkova, Blogger

"Uwe Schwarzwalder's writing is outstanding!" - Jelly Film Festival